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for Seagate

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The Wireless Plus saw dismal take-up despite being a breakthrough product. This problem was compounded by the impression that the Seagate brand is not cutting-edge enough.


Research has shown that the Seagate brand is perceived to be traditional and conservative among the younger generation. And when it comes to buying tech products, consumer behaviour is heavily influenced by reviews.


We realised from the beginning that an experiential strategy is needed to tell a compelling story about the product’s USP.

This was brought to life by 'Take What’s Yours'. Partnering with Hardware Zone, this regional campaign took 20 key influencers on a journey to remote areas in their respective countries to demonstrate the value of accessing content wirelessly.

We also leveraged on CNET Asia's first-ever tech review programme by inviting bloggers to do live reviews of the product.

And to engage a younger audience, we collaborated with ICOM member agencies to launch a lunch-themed campus activation for data-hungry students.


The 9-month long campaign resulted in:
- The Wireless Plus sold out on the second day of an IT exhibition in Singapore
- 10% overall sales increase for Seagate hard drives across the region

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