Bidding sayonara to indifference

for Leftose

Rebranding, Website Development, Product Launch


In a market saturated with quick-fixes and single-action medications, Leftose offers an intriguing proposition – a 2-in-1 remedy for chesty coughs and sore throats. Doctors prescribe it regularly to their patients. Sales in retail pharmacies, however, were languishing due to lack of awareness and intense competition.


Leftose is highly popular in its native country – Japan. And Japanese products are universally renowned for their quality and efficacy.


We gave the brand an approachable personality that is unmistakably Japanese. Enter Toujin and Kage, heroes-in-arms on a quest to quell chesty coughs and sore throats. Together, they work as an effective device to communicate the product’s duality, fronting every consumer touchpoint such as packaging, POSM, website, advertising and activation.


Overall sales grew by 50% in 2015

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