A health & beauty e-retailer is born

for Glovida

Branding, E-commerce Website Development


An established pharmaceutical company approached us to set up and brand an e-commerce portal for health and beauty products, all from scratch. We gleefully went straight to work.


Through the health and beauty products she consumes, the modern Singaporean woman goes through the act of renewal every day to perform the multiple roles expected of her.


We named it Glovida to reflect a woman’s desire to shine in her everyday life by looking and feeling her best. Heralding a convenient, savvier and enlightening way to shop for health and beauty essentials, we ensured that these values inform every aspect of our work. From site programming, UX design and mobile optimisation, to consumer engagement that includes a blog, loyalty programme, newsletters and social media, they all come together to give customers an effortless shopping experience and a way of life they can aspire to.

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