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Strategic Services

  • Research and Audit
  • Brand Consultancy
  • Communication Strategy
  • Product & Channel Strategy

Creative Services

  • 360º Advertising
  • Brand & ID Development
  • Online and Offline, Above & Below-the-Line Design

Digital Services

  • Digital & Social Media
  • Digital Audit & Audience Development
  • Product and Channel Strategy

Expect change. Paprika is a fully integrated communications agency established since 2000. Our design studio, Pepper, was set up in 2010 to meet direct design demands.

We work with a sense of direction, purpose and methodology, not whimsical creative temperaments.

Paprika believes that every brand has its voice. And through engagement and strategic leadership, our job is to make sure that this voice is heard through the services we provide to our clients.

While Change is a common goal every brand shares, we understand that no two marketing concerns are alike. What's consistent is in the way we approach each brief -

First, helping our clients articulate where they want to go and why. Then, analysing the business, its competition, targets and objectives. And it is when we are armed with insights and information will we supply the strategic and creative “hows”. Simply because we not only value the immediate outcome but the impact it'll bring to businesses.

Have a marketing challenge to overcome? Speak with Paprika. Get ready for Change.

Services we do

Strategic Services

No campaigns should be launched without meticulous planning. And no strategy is complete without market study.
We provide:

  • Research and Audit
  • Brand Consultancy
  • Communication Strategy
  • Product and Channel Strategy

Creative Services

Every brand speaks with their respective consumers differently.
For that, we have a professional team of art directors, copywriters and designers dedicated to:

  • 360º Advertising Concepts and Development
  • Brand and ID Development
  • Online and Offline, Above-the-Line, Below-the-Line Design Services

Digital Services

While other agencies are now catching up, Paprika has had a head start with digital expertise.
Supported by hands-on approach from our founders, we help our clients with:

  • Digital Engagement
  • Social Media
  • Digital Audit and Audience Development
  • Digital Content Production and Syndication
  • Apps and Platform Integration

Customer Relationship Management

To us, communication is understanding what consumers need. And this is often a challenge for many businesses.
We assist our clients in:

  • Online and Offline CRM
  • Marketing Automation
  • Strategy Analytics
  • Patient Support Services (For clients in healthcare)
  • Data Management and Processing

Our Client

Our work

Pepper Creatives

Who's Pepper Creatives?

While Paprika builds brands through engagement and strategic leadership, Pepper is the creative studio that harnesses left brain logic and right brain creative for direct, distinctive solutions. When you require communications on demand, or see a sudden need for ala carte design services, trust that Pepper will deliver quality solutions at a price that agrees with everyone. Including your Finance Manager.

How does Pepper work?

We understand that you may already have something in mind, and all you're lacking is someone to put it all together for you. Very simply, bring us all your ingredients and we'll cook you a masterpiece.

In this competitive domain called communications, everyone wants to make some noise. But noise doesn't necessarily have to come with exponential budgets.

Give us a shout.

To speak with Pepper on design services and the respective rates, please contact:

David Tan, Business Director
+65 9455 7537


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Latest Showcase - IDA Singapore

iDA Singapore

Creating a comprehensive student career guide to boost iDA's recruitment drive.
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Latest Showcase - INCQ Consulting

Inc. Q

Designing brand architecture and collaterals for Inc. Q, a global management consultancy company.
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Latest Showcase - Costa Sants Resort

NTUC Club: Costa Sands Resorts

Defining the corporate identity of Costa Sands Resorts among other subsidiaries of NTUC Club.
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Latest Showcase - Timberland


Styling the seasonal lookbook for Timberland's footwear and apparel.
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